Give Me 30 Minutes And I Will Reveal The "Blind Spots" Stopping You From Becoming A World-Class
Corporate Professional...

And How You Can Use The “Corporate-Athlete Game Plan” To:

​- Achieve More In The Next 90 Days Than You Have In The Last Year
- ​Get A Promotion & Increase Annual Earnings
- Perform At You're Best When You're Under High Pressure

Give Me 30 Minutes And I Will Reveal The "Blind Spots" Stopping You From Becoming A World-Class Corporate Professional...

And How You Can Use the “Corporate-Athlete Game Plan” to:
​- Achieve More In The Next 90 Days Than You Have In The Last Year
- ​Get A Promotion & Increase Annual Earnings
- Perform At You're Best When You're Under High Pressure

"I'll Reveal the Exact System I've Used To Coach An Olympic Champion To Perform Under Pressure."

Here's the CATCH:

I'm specialized in working with natural "Achievers".
If you don't have an achieving personality type, 
I can't help you right now.

Score each of the following statements according to how true or applicable to you it is on the following scale:

1... Not at All True
2... Seldom True
3... Somewhat True
4... Generally True
5... Very True
#1: I see myself as a highly competent person: it really bothers me when I am anything less than effective and efficient.

#2: When things are going well for me, I virtually "glow" with a kind of inner joy in being who I am and having the life that I have.

#3: I try to present myself to others in the best possible light - but doesn't everyone?

#4: My feelings have tended to be foreign to me - I feel things strongly for a little while, and then just get on with things.

#5: It's important to me to feel successful, even if I'm not yet the success I want to be.

#6: For better or worse, I am good at covering up my insecurities - people would never guess what I'm really feeling!

#7: I want to make a good impression on people so I'm usually polite, well-mannered, and friendly.

#8: I am aware of how well my friends and colleagues are doing, and I tend to compare myself with them.

#9: I often strive to be the best at what I'm doing - if I can't be outstanding at something, I generally don't bother with it.

#10: Sometimes I've had to cut corners a little to achieve my goals.

#11: When I am insecure, I can be rather aloof and cool with people.

#12: It really bothers me when others don't acknowledge the excellence of what I've done.

#13: I'm more adaptable than most: if things aren't working well, I know how to change my behavior to obtain the results I want.

#14: I always have a goal in focus and know how to motivate myself to achieve it.

#15: I have a workaholic streak - I feel adrift if I'm not accomplishing things.
Add your scores for the 15 statements. If you scored between 60-75 you are most likely a 
High-Achiever and we should talk! 

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If you’re reading this, then you want more out of your professional life.

Let's be honest...

You follow the company policies and rules as much as you can...

You show up to work on time, always overworking yourself & fighting to prove that you're an asset to your team...

Yet no matter what you do, you can’t help but feel overlooked…

And the longer you stay at your job, the harder it's for your boss to see your true value.

I mean, if anybody deserves a raise, it should be you - yet your boss doesn’t think so.

So they continue to give opportunities to others (when we both know it should be you).

It gets worse when you have the added pressure of being a leader. Am I right?

When you have to get everybody on board with your vision...

And it just seems tough as nails to motivate everybody to follow your lead.

If all this sounds familiar, then this is the most important letter you’ll read. Why?

Because in a few minutes, you’ll discover the "Corporate-Athlete Game Plan" any professional can use to...

Build the confidence to ask for the respect, admiration and the long-awaited raise you deserve…

And to boost productivity & performance, even when you're under pressure...

All without ever struggling with your work/life balance or sacrificing family time.

I know this sounds too good to be true, but this has worked for tons of my clients.

Now before I tell you more, I need to introduce myself.
Hi, I’m David Karasek, A Record-Breaking Olympic Athlete
As well as a former coach to 10+ Olympians & World-Class Champions.

In fact, here’s me with Grand-Slam tennis Champion Roger Federer…
And with Drago from the movie series Rocky…
And Gary Kasparov who was the World Champ in chess…
I don’t say this to brag but to show you I was around world-class champions…

And even better - I trained some into becoming world-class champions.

Some like Nicola Spirig who won the Olympics in 2012 while being a mother of 3 amazing kids!
And even Tyler Creamer, who discovered how to perform better in high-pressure situations.
And these are just 1 of the many athletes I trained. Athletes such as Marisa Field...
And Huba Szekessy…
It’s safe to say that I trained & turned a lot of athletes into world champions.

And after I left training athletes and entered the world of sales...

I realized that the sports & the corporate world were no different!

That both required a special ability to perform at a high level - especially in high-pressure situations.

Yet nobody ever talked about this hidden ability, like ever.

In fact, I noticed people who had this unique ability always won - in both the sports & corporate world.

And the winners often would receive all the admiration from friends & family.

As well as achieve massive success, only a few would dream of - even under pressure.

While those who lacked this secret ability struggled to perform at their best.

And as a result, they secretly craved a higher level of success... be finally seen and respected by their peers & family.

Yet there was always 1 thing stopping them from making their heart's desires come true.

I will tell you what it’s in a second, but first I want you to answer this question:

"Do You Crumble Under Pressure?"

If the answer is yes, or even if you wish to perform better under pressure... I'm here to tell you there's a PROVEN way to do this.

Now if you’re a corporate professional, and you’re feeling the pressure to perform for your company…

...and burnout, anxiety and doubts keep creeping up like a bad habit…

I’m here to tell you it’s actually not your fault.

It’s because nobody ever stopped to tell you this ONE SECRET:

The success you desperately crave starts from within.

And no, this is no mumbo jumbo. I’m talking about a scientific finding you can use to see real-life results from.

Let me explain:

According to a research article published in Sage Journals by Chris Gee - a professor in the Department of Exercise Science at the University of Toronto…

He stated that countless studies have proven this fact…

...that our attitudes and emotions are what affects our bodies and physiological level.

Meaning that what goes on in your mind & within yourself have an effect on how you show up at work.

He further went on to discover that your mindset determines how you perform in the real (physical) world.

Simply put:

Elite performers (in all areas of life) tame their minds before they tame the environment around them.

So if you’re having trouble performing at your optimal peak, it could be that you need help taming your mind.

And this leads me to…

"The Hidden Weapon" Top CEOs Use To Achieve Success in Record Time

And you see, one of the quickest ways to tame your mind so you can be more productive & perform better is through “mental coaching”.

It’s a mental training that equips you with all the tools you need to perform better, at any time under any circumstance.

In fact, it’s a specific type of coaching Top CEOs use in order to perform at their optimal peak even under pressure…

And get this…

According to The International Coaching Federation, Corporate professionals report 53% more productivity and 25.7% more income after this type of coaching.

Even more… the same study shows that professionals who receive coaching experience...
80% improvement in self-confidence
73% improvement in relationships
72% improvement in communication skills
80% increase in work performance
And with studies showing you the real-life impact of mental coaching…

You can see how easy it’s to…
✅ Become a leader everyone will be proud to follow.

✅ Increase productivity & performance, even under pressure.

✅ Command the worth & raise you truly deserve. 
Just imagine how your colleagues will treat you when you discover the mindset behind being a top-notch, high-performing professional.

And just imagine how your professional life will look 30 days from now… 60 days from now and even a year from now.

I don’t have to tell you that this is the first step to achieving dominance in your professional life, especially as we're moving into the 2nd quarter of the year.

And once you book your free 45-minute “Corporate-Athlete Game Plan”...

...not only will I reveal the blind spots that are stopping you right now from becoming a world-class professional…

But you’ll have a rock-solid game plan that will virtually guarantee that you get more out of your professional life in the next 30 days… than you did all this year.

In fact…

Here Are Some Fast Results You’re Guaranteed to Get From Your Free 45-Minute Session

✅ The intuitive decision-making process that helps you make better choices at work and in life...consistently.

✅ The power of influence (use these hidden keys to change behaviors, boost positive attitudes and motivate people to action).

✅ Developing a concise, clear vision to bring about disruptive change in your corporation - and personal life!

✅ ​How to develop rock-solid confidence to demand what you want out of your professional & personal life.

✅ ​How to adjust your life while keeping up your work routine and STILL making time for your family and what you love most.

✅ ​How to systematically crush all of your career goals (even the ones that seem impossible to accomplish).

✅ ​The little-known tactics top CEOs use to enhance performance and increase productivity - and how you can use it too.

✅ ​And so much more...

The Simple Step To Total Dominance In Your Professional & Personal Life

So if you’re working long hours and sacrificing time with your family and friends...

Or if you’re tired of being overlooked at work… and you would like to grow professionally as quickly as possible…

Then right now is the best time to claim this opportunity.

Believe me, I know what it's like to feel like you’re living below your potential… that you could perform way better than you are...

Yet you just don’t know what’s stopping you.

It hurts like hell and that’s why I have a burning desire to help as many professionals as I can.

It’s for that reason that I’m offering a 45 minute, no-obligation free consultation call.

During this session, you’ll get a tried & true plan that works. It has no fluff, hype, or theory.

This is real-world practical advice, backed up by years of experience.

One thing is for sure: I will solve your biggest professional problem in 45 minutes or less.

So go ahead, book your call so we can discuss all your professional headaches.

And I will come up with a customizable game plan to get you to the next level.
So here’s the deal:

Click below and book your free session.

Once you do, I’ll personally sit with you, and lay down a rock-solid Game Plan to accelerate your professional goals.

This will not only help you reach the next level of success - without all the pain in the butt growing pains - but it’ll speed up your professional growth beyond your wildest dreams.

Here’s the truth:

As I showed you earlier, I have turned “normal performers” into Olympic Champions & World-Class Winners…

And after your 45-minute session, I’ll give you a solid Game Plan on how to get there as well.

So look, I want to speak with you as soon as possible.

I know you’ll be inspired and excited to work towards an actionable plan.

The best part is...

You’ll reach the next level of success in the fastest time possible.

So click below and book your call now!
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